about wamm - AboutFrom a very young age, Brenda A. Worth became interested in online casino games. This was because her father had a small online casino venture.  He liked to show Brenda how it worked.

As time went on, Brenda specialized in business and helped her father more with the online casino. She became more involved in the history of gambling, as she found it incredibly interesting. She was fascinated by the idea that people from all over the world who did not share the same language could understand each other through a game.

Thanks to this passion, Brenda decided to start a website with all the best information about online casino games. A site where people from all over the world can improve their techniques and above all learn about the history of these games as she learned it.

For Brenda, there is no point in knowing how to master the techniques of an online casino game if you don’t know everything about its history. It’s not just about winning big. It’s about being a professional and knowing all about the game that you master. For Brenda, beyond being a winner, knowing all that is what catches the eye.

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